Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not about hardcore selling, hilarious videos, or social media competitions… it’s about being a part of the conversation.

It’s about finding opportunities to position yourself and your organisation as genuine thought-leaders, and to create the types of materials that help your customers better understand the products and services you offer without feeling as though they’re being sold to.

Challenge Modules

What are Challenge Modules and why do we use them?

It’s rare that one single service can deliver everything your business needs.  Challenge Modules offer unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise, allowing a plug-and-play approach that delivers all the skills your project or campaign needs without having to juggle multiple suppliers. For every new challenge we look at exactly what’s needed and build a bespoke director-level team to deliver it, making sure you have access to – and are only paying for – the perfect team for the job.

The Process

Content Marketing isn’t just about producing as much content as possible – it’s about working out what your audience will find most beneficial, and where you can put it to make sure they find it. It requires an understanding of your market, your audience and the wider online landscape.  We’ll work closely with you and your teams to decide exactly what to invest in, and where to position it, delivering maximum value and return on investment.

Why Us?

Challenge Marketing are changing the way businesses work with their agencies.

Built around a core team, Challenge is a network of hugely experienced Director-level professionals, all waiting to be deployed when your project demands it.


With literally hundreds of years worth of experience between us, the Challenge model gives you access to exactly the team you need without paying for anything you don’t – no expensive offices, front-of-house staff or unnecessary teams.  


Step 1: You define your project

Step 2: We select the Challenge team

Step 3: Everybody wins!


…continuously delivers creative, intelligent work and there never seems to be a project too challenging or difficult… fun, trustworthy and a joy to work with.

Chloe Fenton (née Vaidya)

Director of Marketing

Thanks for the kind words Chloe –
Chloe has agreed that if you want more information and a personal endorsement – you can connect with her on LinkedIn. Think of it as a testimonial plus.